CORESense Adds Affiliate Marketing Functionality to Retail Management Solution

New Feature to Help Online Retailers Drive Web Site Traffic and Increase Sales

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK - MARCH 30, 2004 - CORESense, a leading provider of retail management software, today announced the latest iteration of its flagship solution, CORESense v4.6, will include "Affiliate Marketing" functionality intended to help online retailers drive additional traffic to their Web sites and increase channel sales. CORESense v4.6 will be available on March 30.

Affiliate marketing is a referral-based sales tool in which a retailer's partner agrees to feature a banner or button on their Web site that links to the merchant's own online site. The merchant then compensates the partner for referrals to their online store. In most cases, the affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the merchant as a result of the link. Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a retailer's Web site, while rewarding its partners for their support.

"Affiliate marketing has thrived in recent years, and is considered a low-cost, effective avenue to drive traffic and increase sales for an online retailer," said Jason Jacobs, CORESense CEO. "We are excited to offer this functionality to customers, as it's a great way for them to reward partners, increase awareness through cross-branding, and expand channel-based sales programs."

The CORESense affiliate marketing tool is easy to use for both the retailer and its partners. To begin, retailers simply register partners within the CORESense system and invite their affiliates to join. The partners then create custom links from their Web sites to those of the merchant. When a visitor clicks from an affiliate's Web site to the retailer's Web site, a cookie will be placed on the visitor's computer to track them as they browse. If the visitor makes a purchase from the retailer's online store, the Web site will associate the sale with the affiliate whose site the visitor came from.

An intuitive interface provided by the retailer to its affiliates enables the partner to manage their account information and generate sales/commission reports. Similarly, the retailer will be able to view affiliate sales, generate reports, and record payments to affiliates. Merchants will have the ability to reward affiliates on a per-sale or per-click basis, and they can customize the commission structure for individual affiliates.

CORESense v4.6 with affiliate marketing functionality is a natural extension of the company's retail management product line, which is designed to help small- and medium-sized businesses exploit multi-channel sales opportunities. Built on a scalable, Web-based open source architecture, CORESense solutions offers a fully integrated solution, including tools for more effectively managing inventory throughput, order processing and customer relationships. CORESense products streamline the manner in which online product sales are handled - regardless whether they originate from a third-party's sales site or the company's proprietary Web site - enabling retailers to sell through multiple channels more efficiently.

About CORESense

CORESense is a leading SaaS-based retail system company serving small to medium-sized specialty retailers in selling hard and soft goods including sporting goods, apparel and accessories, shoes and wine. Founded in 2000, CORESense's mission is to create a competitive advantage for SMRs by providing them access to a single, fully integrated multi-channel retail management system with the features and function needed to compete and win in today's demanding marketplace in a software-as-a-service delivery model that fits their business and their budget. The CORESense solution is the first and only SaaS-based retail management system that supports an entire retail business from brick-and-mortar retailing to ecommerce to merchandising and back office operations management to customer relationship management in one fully integrated web-accessible solution. It is the preferred retail management solution of small to medium-sizes retailers who need a powerful and fully integrated enterprise-grade solution to achieve their business goals. CORESense has offices nationally and is headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs, N.Y. For additional information about CORESense and our market leading solution visit us a or call (866) 229-2804.