Multi-Store Billiard Factory Selects CORESense to Streamline Operations

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY– April 17, 2013 –– CORESense (, the leading provider of all-in-one, cloud-based retail management & ecommerce software solutions, today announced that Billiard Factory, one of the nation’s largest billiard and game room furniture retailers, has selected the CORESense Multichannel Retail Management Software Solution to seamlessly integrate core retail operations and data across the company’s retail and ecommerce operations.  CORESense’s point of sale solutions will provide Billiard Factory with real time access to a centralized customer, inventory and order processing database as well as full synchronization with their ecommerce and catalog sales operations.

Billiard Factory operates 11 retail stores in Texas, Florida and Nevada as well as the ecommerce site, (, and is committed to offering customers a large, diverse product line from the top manufacturers in the home game room furnishing industry.  The retailer needs an integrated, real time solution to more effectively manage its growing chain of retail stores and ecommerce operation. After a comprehensive review of retail management software solutions, Billiard Factory was confident that CORESense’s cloud-based platform provides the optimal combination of features, functionality and total cost of ownership.

“Being a specialty retailer customer service is a priority for us, and being able to seamlessly interact with our customers through multiple channels while providing our employees with up-to-date product information is important to enhancing our overall customer satisfaction and success, “ said Bryan Perkola, IT Director of Billiard Factory.  “The CORESense product allows us to evolve our business to the next level by incorporating the management of our products and sales channels through a single, intuitive web-interface. “

“Billiard Factory's popularity and success is largely the result of the unique business strategy the company employs to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty,” said CORESense President, Chris Martin. “The CORESense Multichannel Retail Management Software solution is supporting Billiard Factory’s continued growth and success through the tight integration of ecommerce, point of sale and CRM functions, provides a solid basis for the transformation to a next generation point of sale capability that goes beyond information gathering to one that drives customer satisfaction and revenue growth across all channels. “

CORESense is the only cloud-based retail and ecommerce management software solution that brings together point of sale, ecommerce websites, merchandising, order management & fulfillment, and CRM & marketing into a single, centrally managed solution and is rapidly becoming the preferred ecommerce platform for internet and brick-and-mortar retailers.

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About CORESense

CORESense, Inc. is a leading provider of all-in-one cloud-based ecommerce and retail software solutions for ecommerce and brick and mortar retailers and brand manufacturers. Successful retailers across multiple specialty retail markets including wine, footwear and accessories, sporting goods, fashion and apparel, books, electronics and others are leveraging CORESense’s products to streamline operations, connect with customers and grow sales across ecommerce and retail store channels. The CORESense solution wraps point of sale, store operations, multi-channel ecommerce, merchandising, order management, and customer relationship management software around a centralized product, customer and inventory database providing retailers with a real-time view of their customers and their business.  CORESense has offices nationally and is headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

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