CORESense LaunchPads Make Selling on eBay Easier, More Profitable

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK - APRIL 18, 2008 - CORESense, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) multi-channel retail management system company serving small to medium-sized specialty retailers, today announced new product functionality that makes it easier and more profitable for retailers to launch and manage auction-style listings on eBay.

The addition of newly enhanced eBay marketplace management to the CORESense system, which includes point of sale, call center, web store, other ecommerce marketplaces (such as Amazon), and back-office support capabilities, provides small to medium-sized retailers with a scalable, feature-rich solution for integrated channel sales and end-to-end retail management.

CORESense LaunchPads for eBay are now available in the latest system release, v5.10. LaunchPads utilize the CORESense system's centralized, real-time product catalog and customer database to more efficiently manage every aspect of auction posting, closing, payment, shipping and feedback.

Using CORESense LaunchPads for eBay, retailers can define: when products are to be launched; how much of a particular product is available for sale at any given time; what is the lowest acceptable price for a given product; and should a product be removed from auction. CORESense LaunchPads for eBay automate these processes, eliminating data entry and synchronizing eBay sales with orders originating from other channels.

Real-time inventory commitment prevents duplicate selling across channels. The CORESense system also provides capabilities for the management of multiple brands within eBay for retailers that want to establish separate brand identities for eBay sales.

"With CORESense we have an integrated channel management system that ties together our current web store and eBay listing management processes," said Natalie Hultin, President, Direct Auto. "It also provides us with the capability to easily add other sales channels as we grow. Using a single system for all our sales channels has dramatically improved our efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating the manual, error-prone and duplicative processes we had to use when managing the channels separately prior to CORESense."

"Effective multi-channel retail requires seamless, centralized management across channels," said Jason Jacobs, CEO for CORESense. “CORESense enables retailers to push product to eBay and schedule eBay listings through a solid foundation of retail management features. CORESense LaunchPads provides the integrated online auction management tools retailers need to successfully liquidate excess inventory and expand brand awareness."

CORESense's management functionality for eBay auction-style listings includes automation, reporting and dashboards that help retailers refine listings strategies. Retailer customers shopping on eBay are directed automatically to retailer websites for checkout, enabling cross-sell and add-on order possibilities, as well as increasing brand awareness and loyalty for the retailer to stimulate repeat business. Orders originating in eBay are processed like all other orders in CORESense and customers can track orders using online self-service features, including automatic winning bidder notification. More information about all CORESense solutions can be found at

About CORESense

CORESense is a leading SaaS-based retail system company serving small to medium-sized specialty retailers in selling hard and soft goods including sporting goods, apparel and accessories, shoes and wine. Founded in 2000, CORESense's mission is to create a competitive advantage for SMRs by providing them access to a single, fully integrated multi-channel retail management system with the features and function needed to compete and win in today's demanding marketplace in a software-as-a-service delivery model that fits their business and their budget. The CORESense solution is the first and only SaaS-based retail management system that supports an entire retail business from brick-and-mortar retailing to ecommerce to merchandising and back office operations management to customer relationship management in one fully integrated web-accessible solution. It is the preferred retail management solution of small to medium-sizes retailers who need a powerful and fully integrated enterprise-grade solution to achieve their business goals. CORESense has offices nationally and is headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs, N.Y. For additional information about CORESense and our market leading solution visit us a or call (866) 229-2804.