Manhattan Design Store Grows with CORESense

Moss Integrates Store, Web and Phone Sales Channels with CORESense On-Demand Retail Management System

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK - APRIL 19, 2007 - CORESense, the leading provider of on-demand multi-channel retail management software, today announced that Moss, the internationally regarded design store, has deployed CORESense to manage its multi-channel retail operations. Since engaging CORESense to synchronize its New York City store, web and phone sales channels, Moss has increased revenue, net profits and office productivity significantly.

"We are extremely proud of the success Moss has enjoyed since implementing CORESense," said Jason Jacobs, CORESense president and CEO. "Moss had a plan for expanding through process automation and sales channel integration, and CORESense was the perfect fit. Our solution is ideal for SMB retailers with aspirations of growing into a multi-sales channel business."

Since its opening in 1994, Moss has evolved from a boutique to a leading retailer of designer furniture and products. Moss is regularly featured in top business and industry trade publications and their popularity and style cross from art and design enthusiasts to the general consumer. In deciding to expand its online brand and to increase operating efficiencies, Moss selected CORESense, whose on-demand solution provides fully integrated channel management, inventory management, supply chain management, warehouse management and customer relationship management.

"We looked at other systems, but only CORESense could handle point-of-sale and e-commerce activities in a single, web-based solution that updated dynamically as retail happened," said Moira Gregonis, Moss director of business development. "Combine that with the fact CORESense hosts all of our data on its servers - which means one less headache for us - and the decision to use CORESense was an easy one."

CORESense software enables retailers to increase revenues and decrease operating costs by centralizing business operations in an on-demand, web-based solution. CORESense automates all aspects of a company's multi-channel retail operation, including product catalog management, order fulfillment, inventory management and customer relationship management. Because CORESense software is delivered as a service, retailers benefit from a fast ROI, and the ability to scale their business rapidly without technology limitations of on-premise systems.

Today, products purchased by customers at the Moss store in SOHO and those that are ordered by phone or via the company's web site are handled on the same system by CORESense. Once an order is placed, Moss staff can communicate via CORESense to the manufacturer who can then drop-ship the product to a customer, or they can request to have the product shipped directly from the Moss warehouse in Brooklyn. CORESense also integrates to FedEx and UPS for expedited product delivery.

CORESense allows Moss front and back office personnel to track and manage inventory, in real time, across all channels and locations, which is something they couldn't do previously. Moss employees can access CORESense via the Internet from any location to check the status of an order and retrieve real time inventory information from the store or warehouse. CORESense also enables Moss to run reports that show which products are selling best, through what channel, and to whom, enabling management to monitor purchasing trends and immediately make more informed business decisions.

Across the board Moss' retail operations have been more efficient and effective with CORESense. Before CORESense, in-store sales accounted for 80 percent of overall business. Today the mix is more balanced, with 65 percent in-store and 35 percent over the web and phone.

"Overall sales and net profits have increased across retail channels since we deployed with CORESense," said Gregonis. "We are filling orders faster than ever and inventory has been amazingly accurate. CORESense has without question been a key contributor to our success."

About CORESense

CORESense is a leading SaaS-based retail system company serving small to medium-sized specialty retailers in selling hard and soft goods including sporting goods, apparel and accessories, shoes and wine. Founded in 2000, CORESense's mission is to create a competitive advantage for SMRs by providing them access to a single, fully integrated multi-channel retail management system with the features and function needed to compete and win in today's demanding marketplace in a software-as-a-service delivery model that fits their business and their budget. The CORESense solution is the first and only SaaS-based retail management system that supports an entire retail business from brick-and-mortar retailing to ecommerce to merchandising and back office operations management to customer relationship management in one fully integrated web-accessible solution. It is the preferred retail management solution of small to medium-sizes retailers who need a powerful and fully integrated enterpris e-grade solution to achieve their business goals. CORESense has offices nationally and is headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs, N.Y. For additional information about CORESense and our market leading solution visit us a or call (866) 229-2804.