CORESense Releases Enhanced Point-of-Sale Functionality

New features keep CORESense at leading edge of in-store systems

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 18, 2005 - ORESense, a leading provider of on-demand retail management software (, announced today the latest release of their web-based Point-of-Sale channel. New features added include ground-breaking remote monitoring, new supported hardware and stored-value cards.

Unlike other in-store systems, the CORESense POS is a powerful information center synchronized in real-time with all other sales channels, inventory and supplier management, and CRM. "Our web-based Point-of-Sale channel has all the features a retailer would expect plus so much more. We are changing the paradigm of what an in-store system is," says Jason Jacobs , CEO of CORESense.

New features include:

Remote Monitoring
The CORESense POS is now monitored remotely 24x7x365 to quickly identify and fix any hardware or other issues threatening to interrupt business. With a service agreement, CORESense will also automatically configure and overnight ship any hardware identified through monitoring as needing replacement for true ‘plug and play' support. Another monitoring function now available sends automatic email notification to company contacts in the case of network or power failure at a terminal location.

Touch-screens and Customer-facing Screens Now Supported
The CORESense POS also now supports touch-screens to increase the speed of checkout, and customer-facing screens to enable customer review of order, reinforcement of a retailer's brand and any promotions during the checkout process.

Stored-value Cards
Stored-value Cards can increase profits and customer loyalty and are rapidly replacing traditional gift certificates due to their versatility and enhanced features. The CORESense Stored-value Card is supported across all sales channels, including the Point-of-Sale, eCommerce and more, and includes the ability to reload and incrementally draw down balances. And since CORESense manages the entire end-to-end retail process, all value card tracking and management is fully integrated into CORESense back office.

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About CORESense

CORESense is a leading SaaS-based retail system company serving small to medium-sized specialty retailers in selling hard and soft goods including sporting goods, apparel and accessories, shoes and wine. Founded in 2000, CORESense's mission is to create a competitive advantage for SMRs by providing them access to a single, fully integrated multi-channel retail management system with the features and function needed to compete and win in today's demanding marketplace in a software-as-a-service delivery model that fits their business and their budget. The CORESense solution is the first and only SaaS-based retail management system that supports an entire retail business from brick-and-mortar retailing to ecommerce to merchandising and back office operations management to customer relationship management in one fully integrated web-accessible solution. It is the preferred retail management solution of small to medium-sizes retailers who need a powerful and fully integrated enterprise-grade solution to achieve their business goals. CORESense has offices nationally and is headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs, N.Y. For additional information about CORESense and our market leading solution visit us a or call (866) 229-2804.