CORESense / Amazon Seller Central

CORESense integrates with Amazon

CORESense integrates directly with Amazon enabling you to sell your push products from your product catalog directly to Seller Central.

Simply activate the product on the sales channel and assign any required attributes.

CORESense automatically updates Amazon with the product information and available inventory levels.

Amazon Seller Central

;Amazon Seller Central is a program offered by to enable retailers to sell merchandise within the marketplace. The basic process starts with a retailer placing their products (within defined categories) into the marketplace from which a consumer can buy the merchandise. A consumer can purchase products from more than one retailer within the same shopping cart / checkout process. Once purchased, automatically distributes the orders to each retailer. The retailer is required to ship the product directly to the consumer and inform when items ship with associated tracking information. To make money, takes a percentage of the order and pays the retailer periodically for shipped orders. This percentage is negotiated between the retailer and at the time of creating a new Seller Central Account.

It's easy to give your products visibility and exposure to millions of buyers by selling on  You just receive orders; ship them to the buyers and Amazon deposits net proceeds in your account every two weeks.

Special Offer to CORESense Customers
amazon CORESense customers that sign up with Amazon will have one-month of subscription fees waived, a $39.99 value, for its Selling on Amazon Service.  There are no item listing fees, and Amazon will handle the payment processing.
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In addition to the $39.99 in waived monthly subscription fees for the first month, subscribing to the Selling on Amazon Service brings many other benefits:
  • Exposure for Your Products: Your products can be viewed by millions of customers who shop at
  • Quick and Easy Setup: Amazon provides an easy web interface for creating and managing your products, inventory levels and orders. Products are uploaded individually or in bulk using simple spreadsheet templates.
  • Simple Low Risk Cost Model: There are no listing fees and you set your own shipping, handling and customer return policies for your products.
  • No Customer Payments to Manage: Amazon handles payment processing and deposits your net proceeds into your account every two weeks. Amazon Services also screens transactions to protect you.
How Does it Work?
  1. Register with Amazon by providing your credit card number (to establish your account) and bank routing number (so that Amazon can pay you).
  2. Your subscription begins immediately after registration.
  3. Upload your products and inventory to the Web site via your CORESense software.
  4. Customers go to, find your items and add them to their shopping carts.
  5. Amazon collects customer payments and notifies you of the purchase, providing you with the information you need to fulfill the order.
  6. You fulfill the order and update order status in CORESense, which in turn notifies Amazon.
  7. Amazon Services deposits your net proceeds into your bank account every two weeks.

Want to Learn More?
Read more about the Selling on Amazon Service Here. You must return to this page to apply for the free one-month subscription.
How do I Sign Up?
To take advantage of this special offer, click here to apply now!
Terms & Conditions
Qualifying merchants that register in the Selling on Amazon Service through this offer will not be charged for their first month of subscription fees. The regular subscription fee of $39.99 per month will apply in each month after the first month. Offer is not available to existing subscribers to the Selling on Amazon Service. Additional terms and conditions apply. Additional transaction fees apply.
Go to Terms & Conditions to review all of the program's terms and conditions. Offer may end at any time. Program information is current as of March 28, 2007, and is subject to change. "," "Amazon Services," and the Amazon Services logo are trademarks of, Inc.
The Terms and Conditions of the >Selling on Amazon Program are solely those of Amazon Services. CORESense, Inc. provides retail management software and related products and services only and offers no warranty, express or implied, regarding the services or items provided or shipped under the Selling on Amazon Program. All dealings with CORESense and CORESense software are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Coresense Standard License Agreement.