CORESense is part of the FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program, so small and mid-sized retailers can benefit from the faster shipment processing, instant tracking & package cost synchronization and increased accuracy that comes from managing all retail management processes through a single, centralized on demand solution.
FedEx Shipping Process in CORESense
Step 1 Use CORSEense to print picking and packing documents
Step 2 Pick and pack warehouse inventory
Step 3 Quickly print FedEx shipping labels directly from CORESense
Step 1 For each FedEx shipment, CORESense automatically:
  • Saves tracking number on shipment
  • Sends shipment confirmation email
  • Updates order status
  • Enables customer to track shipment using web login

FedEx logo used with permission. All rights reserved. A FedEx Compatible Solution means the FedEx functionality within the (third-party) provider's system has passed FedEx certification testing.