3Balls.com - Case Study pdf

Executive Summary
3Balls.com is one of the highest volume sellers on eBay in the sporting goods category. Recognizing the huge opportunity that lay in front of them they quickly concluded that their existing software systems were not capable of handling their multi-channel sales initiative, the high volume of eBay inventory throughput and the order fulfillment and customer relationship management required for success. Their extremely unique business model historically would have only been supported by extensive custom programming. The highly configurable CORESense platform was the only multi-channel inventory software system out of the several that they considered that could address all of their needs in a supported product platform. That's Retail Redefined!

Company Profile
3balls has been in business since 1998, but if you want the whole story, you've got to go back a ways, 20 years back to be specific. In 1981 two very good friends Joe Ricci and Leigh Bader arrived at a run down 9 hole golf course in South Easton, MA. The pro shop was an unimpressive 290 square feet. (About the size of a large living room).
Directive Build foundation for growth strategy by integrating sales channels with operations management on a single platform. Increase web sales and streamline eBay processes.
Systems Considered Retail Pro, Oracle Small Business Suite
Systems Replaced Various custom tools, spreadsheets.
Project Results Triple digit sales increase on website, reduced eBay channel costs, reduced operational costs, foundation to execute growth strategy.
Project ROI 8 months

Thinking of the pro shop as a toy store and the golf course as an amusement park helped them grow the business. (to say the least) Today Joe & Leigh's is an 8,000 square foot pro shop that has been honored to win numerous national awards, including making the list of Golf Digest's GolfWorld Business Top 100 Pro Shops in America TEN times over! And Leigh's been named the PGA of America National Merchandiser of the Year 2002 an impressive career second! He was honored in 1995 as well

As the Swap Shop got busier and busier, a longtime sales associate and PGA Golf Professional for Joe & Leigh's suggested they post some of the slower moving inventory on a new marketplace called eBay. (this was in 1998). Before long the entire Swap Shop was nearly emptied. Suspecting they might be onto something, they began to aggressively procure the Finest Used and Like New Branded Golf Equipment.

Their enthusiasm for eBay has grown even stronger. Today 3Balls.com is both the Largest Sporting Goods and largest Golf seller on eBay.

Project Objective
3Balls, like many companies, grew their business through the hard work and dedication of an exemplary staff and visionary leadership. Like most businesses, the processes and systems were created out of necessity. Point solutions were applied to streamline the processes that needed it and the business grew.

But eventually disparate point solutions held together by close knit person to person communication do not scale. Recognizing the potential for their growth, they laid plans to implement an end to end enterprise software solution to integrate all business functions. Additionally they sought to reduce the costs of their primary sales channel, eBay and create a more substantial website sales channel.

Project Scope
3Balls has extremely demanding retail inventory management requirements. They deal with both new and slightly used items, each item must be treated as unique, a one-of-a-kind pieces of inventory. Additionally they have significant throughput volume so inventory entry needs to be streamlined. They are also eBay's highest volume seller requiring industry leading eBay auction management functionality. They chose the CORESense multi-channel inventory software solution because our Dynamic Scalable Matrix Architecture (DSM Architecture™) could accommodate their unique needs. CORESense recognized 3Balls.com as an innovator and agreed to invest and work collaboratively in the development of additional product functionality that would meet their requirements and create market leading retail functionality.

  • Triple digit increase in web salesp
  • Reduced eBay channel costs
  • Fulfillment process visibility and performance management
  • Increased customer service capabilities