Genius Jones - Case Study pdf
A leading retailer of children's products including furniture and apparel, Genius Jones ( has a unique sense of what it means to manage multiple "customer channels." Because its users (children) typically are not the buyers (parents) of Genius Jones products, the company must balance its sales and marketing strategies to attract the attention of both constituencies.

Likewise, small and midsized retailers such as Genius Jones require a strategy for selling effectively across multiple sales channels. The ability to optimize business processes for in-store, web and telephone retail activities ensures Genius Jones will keep costs down and profits up.

To accomplish this goal and to better manage its growing business, Genius Jones in 2006 deployed an on-demand multi-channel retail management solution from CORESense, whose software enables retailers to increase revenues and decrease operating costs by synchronizing entire business operations in one centralized solution that includes multi-channel management, order fulfillment, inventory and supplier management and customer relationship management. CORESense was selected by Genius Jones for its web-based, on-demand infrastructure, robust feature-set and ability to integrate sales activities across multiple channels seamlessly.

CORESense is unique for its scalable application architecture and use of open source technology, as well as its on-demand or "software as a service" delivery model, which reduces up front costs and total cost of ownership. CORESense delivers this as a unified web-based solution that integrates all sales channels through a single product catalog, and automates order fulfillment, inventory management and customer relationship management.

"Thanks to CORESense we have access to order information at any time, wherever we are, so we know which orders have been processed, what has shipped, and if we are waiting for a product from a manufacturer," said Daniel Kron, Genius Jones owner. "As a result, we don't get stuck with a lot of excess product, thereby mitigating a considerable financial risk. Since deploying with CORESense in 2006, we have doubled revenue. Suffice to say, CORESense is the backbone of our business."

Orders placed across Genius Jones sales channels are handled in a common manner by the CORESense system. This way Genius Jones can monitor the status of all sales in real time, enabling the company to respond immediately to inventory needs, marketing opportunities and customer requests. Because CORESense is a web-based solution, Genius Jones staff can access the system anywhere there is an Internet connection. And since CORESense hosts its software, Genius Jones does not require an IT department to manage the system. This approach has helped Genius Jones reduce inventory and personnel costs, while still growing the business.

"Before CORESense we had a single store and inventory was kept in the back room," said Kron. "Today we have a web site, two retail stores, two warehouses and a telephone sales business. Managing those channels and all the associated moving parts simply would not have been possible without CORESense. Now, as we consider opening new stores and expanding into other sales channels we have confidence knowing that managing this process is as easy as plugging-in to CORESense."