Ivy Sport - Case Study pdf  
Since 2002, Ivy Sport has grown exponentially, while headcount and other overhead have remained low. Today Ivy Sport is a multi-million dollar business, a feat it could not have achieved without CORESense.

Ivy Sport is considered the Ivy League clothing company. They sell logo product though Ivysport.com and Amazon. The Ivy League represents eight schools that are some of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. They also have 1.5 million active alumni along with current students and families, to whom Eric Barnes, President of Ivy Sport, knew he could provide a better product and service than that which is offered by the traditional on-campus bookstore.

Eric started his business with Yahoo! Stores, but needed more visibility into the status of his inventory, as well as the ability to synchronize that data with his ecommerce site. This was especially important during the holiday season when order volume would increase by up to 900%.

"I needed a solution that would enable Ivy Sport to scale as the business took off," said Barnes. "CORESense provided a soup-to-nuts retail management solution, with the flexibility to match our changing business requirements."

"Also, our staff are experts in the Ivy Sport merchandising business—we're not ecommerce or IT experts. Since CORESense delivers its software as a service, I knew we'd have the security of our site always being online, along with the comfort of back-up. With technology, you always worry about bad things happening that interrupt your business. CORESense enables us to focus on growing our business, rather than managing the technology."

Because Eric does not have access to school mailing lists, he has to find creative ways to gain brand visibility for the Ivy Sport name. Search engine optimization is critical to his business and CORESense makes it easy for Ivy Sport to update meta tags for each of its 5,000 SKUs. He also acquires email addresses through opt-in lists, sales and word-of-mouth. CORESense enabled Eric to tag his customer data from the beginning, the result of which is more targeted marketing programs.

"With CORESense, we could tag every product with its associated school, sport and licensee. By associating every customer to the product they purchased, we can do powerful analysis and create very effective marketing campaigns," stated Barnes. "Thanks to CORESense, we have five years of valuable data from which to work." Ivy Sport also reports sales of licensed clothing to the appropriate manufacturer, and the tagging enables this to be managed through the running of a simple report.

Now, when the holiday season comes around and sales increase from 40-50 orders a day to 200-400 orders per day, Ivy Sport can accommodate the increase without adding staff.

"The combination of robust automated order fulfillment in CORESense and the ability to manage drop-ship POs without any staff involvement is a huge benefit to us. With CORESense, I feel confident that I can focus on growing the company as aggressively as possible. Without question, the value that CORESense provides easily covers the cost of the system—and then some."