Miami Golf - Case Study pdf  
Paul Jaure, president of Miami Golf, was confident he had a strong plan to quickly grow his multi-channel retail business. To execute effectively though, he knew he needed to find a multi-channel retail solution flexible and robust enough to enable his aggressive plans.

Located in Miami , Florida , Miami Golf is focused on being more than just another golf store. They offer every product a golfer might want, including the most cutting edge brands and products available. At their two trendy retail boutiques, they invite customers to shop and get expert swing advice while sipping Starbucks coffee and listening to DJs spinning the latest tunes. The same hip products are offered on their ecommerce website,, and through their call center. Miami Golf is also starting to sell on eBay.
Before implementing CORESense, Paul tried three other retail software solutions in an effort to streamline his backoffice operations and improve sales channel experiences. All were client/server retailsolutions, and none provided Paul with the real-time information across channels that he needed. "It was hard enough to keep track of the product catalog, orders and inventory across two stores and an ecommerce site." Paul said. "I knew we wouldn't be successful with the new sales channels planned unless we could manage our data through one system in real-time. We were spending a lot of time and money on systems that did not satisfy our needs."

Paul started looking at retail solutions that enabled all channels communicate in real-time. He also wanted a hosted solution. With the traditional software model of the previous systems, Paul spent much of his time supporting hardware and software rather than focusing on marketing his business. "98% of our current customers are international. In order to focus on growing a domestic customer base, I have to be able to let our technology run without my constant involvement."

Paul continued "I didn't want to work with just another software company anymore. I wanted a partner, and CORESense is exactly that. We now feel confident that data is updated in real-time across channels, and because it is a hosted solution, I no longer worry about the technology – it just runs." Paul also believes CORESense is helping Miami Golf to acquire domestic market share. "The domestic market has higher expectations regarding customer service. CORESense enables us to provide a high-level of proactive customer service, from automatic email notifications throughout the order fulfillment process to web-site self-service where customers can check on their order anytime."

Miami Golf now runs every aspect of their retail business through CORESense, from management of inventory to order fulfillment. On the operations side, using CORESense shortened the time between cutting a PO and receiving the inventory, decreasing their product time to market. They also have better control of what inventory they have and where it is located.

"Our goal is to grow to 10 or more retail stores and expand into new sales channels such as kiosks and affiliate marketing. CORESense gives us the confidence to do it," Paul said. "It also gives us the flexibility to implement any business strategy we need to stay ahead of the competition; I haven't found another software company that enables our business like that."