Specialty Products Retailer - Case Study  
One of the nation's largest manufacturers and marketers of specialty products in its industry, this specialty products company sells its products under a number of brand names to stores in the United States and to distributors worldwide. They also sell through over 20 retail stores that they own and operate in the United States as well as direct to consumers using catalogs and websites.

As the Company was acquiring the new retail stores, their Director of Corporate Strategy was charged with reviewing their retail IT systems. "I had two goals: To find an ecommerce platform and to evaluate and replace some of the in-store systems that our retail stores were using. When I found CORESense, I realized that we found one system to accomplish both project goals."

Because the in-store retail POS system project was the bigger project to undertake, the Company started there. Some of their retail stores were running basic cash registers, which their Director of Corporate Strategy calls "cigar boxes". "Our focus was to replace that system thinking it would provide the most benefit to us. What we realized in the process of evaluating CORESense was that we could replace our more sophisticated systems in the other stores as well and see a significant reduction in our total cost of ownership. We can install 10 CORESense stores for the cost of installing and maintaining one of the other POS systems. It really is a breath of fresh air."

The Company had a list of over 500 functional attributes for the in-store retail POS systems and over 250 for the ecommerce solution. They originally started their search of in-store retail POS systems by focusing on vertical solutions because they thought it would be the best fit. But they realized that there were less than 5% of the 500 attributes that were industry-specific. The Director explained that one of the most critical, the ability to order the same SKU from multiple vendors, was available in CORESense. "A lot of systems don't let you do that they way we need to, but it is very common in our industry."

The Director continued, "By selecting CORESense, we gained scalability and flexibility without compromising the process and operational requirements we had."

CORESense enables retailers in all verticals – from Fashion and Accessories to the Automotive Aftermarket – to run a real-time system that can be easily configured to manage the often complex requirements unique to each business.

As an On-demand solution, CORESense retail software synchronizes a retailer's entire operations, from multi-channel sales to order fulfillment, inventory and supplier management and CRM, all through the web. The retail POS system continues to run in offline mode to ensure that transactions can continue even if the internet is down.

The Director believes there are basically two traditional types of retail POS systems to choose from—the thin client in-store retail POS system that works from a single database, and a distributed database model where information is pushed to each local store with periodic synchronization from headquarters. He continues by noting that each has its benefits and shortcomings and adds, "but CORESense gives us the best of both worlds and is the perfect fit for mid-sized multi-channel enterprises." All information is available in real-time with the CORESense retail POS system. Each store is always updated with product, pricing, promotions and inventory information, and management has access to the real-time reporting on store operations anywhere there is web-access.

"An important reason for choosing CORESense was that we can enable our entire multi-channel strategy through the one system," the Director says. "A lot of people don't believe that there is a low maintenance retail system out there, but we believe CORESense has struck the perfect balance."