The Sak - Case Study pdf  
Founded in 1989, The SAK has grown to be the 4th largest handbag company in the United States, with products being sold in over 1900 department and Specialty stores throughout the United States and in 22 international markets.

After years of selling only through brick and mortar stores, The SAK decided to diversify their business into the business to consumer market by selling direct through two websites, and, The SAK's high end brand. They also began syndicating their product content across popular retail sites such as and

As the websites began to grow, they knew they needed to find a technology solution that would enable them to manage the growing capacity of their ecommerce business while giving them the flexibility to display and promote products in a way that would be appealing to customers.

They also needed a more efficient way to manage orders from check-out to post-delivery. ‘We had been using a home-grown system' said Kent Griffith, The SAK Controller, ‘but when order related problems came up it would take a programmer to fix it–leaving the customer waiting and the customer service team feeling helpless.'

Selecting CORESense as their retail management system came after extensive research of a number of retail management applications. Kent noted, "while most other applications cost 5-10 times our budget, CORESense had the best mix of price and functionality."

Specifically, CORESense provided the flexibility needed to integrate and automate all of The SAK's back office processes across sales channels, from product catalog and inventory management to order fulfillment, customer service visibility (CRM) and promotions. As a web-based on-demand retail management system, CORESense made it possible for The SAK to focus on selling their products across channels rather then the costly maintenance of hardware and concerns over security of their data.

The ability to quickly implement any new functionality, such as picture zoom or picture role-over, was critical to the proper display of their product online and now possible through the CORESense Dynamic Scalable Matrix architecture. Through this innovative architecture The SAK could now also get products up and selling through an EDI, a large area of growth for their business, in hours rather than the days that it previously took.

"The SAK has found measurable success in a number of areas through the use of CORESense" stated Kent. "Once the system was in place, the return rate on ecommerce and EDI transactions dropped to 15% from 19%. In addition, we haven't had a single credit card chargeback due to increased fraud protection available in the CORESense solution." The SAK also more than doubled sales from about $300,000 in 2003 to almost $1 million in 2004 with a relatively equal number of people due to the efficiencies gained through the automation of many facets of the business, including the warehouse and marketing.

Consumers shopping for The SAK handbags and accessories also benefited in a number a ways from the adoption of CORESense's retail management system. From a satisfying shopping experience that better presents THE SAK products, customers now better understand what they are getting when making a selection. Through robust customer self-service, The SAK now provides customers with a better post-sales experience. Through greater visibility into customers shopping, The SAK now tailors offers or promotions more closely to their customers' preferences, providing greater customer loyalty.

Summarizing, Kent stated that "we expect many more examples of a positive Return on Investment from our use of CORESense. We have a number of additional plans to expand our ecommerce business and CORESense will be instrumental to accomplishing all of them."