Trophies2Go - Case Study pdf  
Executive Summary
For Jeff Anderson, building a successful business was its own reward. But as president of retail firm Issaquah Trophy and Awards, a leading provider of trophies, plaques and awards to sports teams and corporations in the Northwest United States, Jeff sought an even greater prize.

Nearly four years ago Jeff reasoned that to reach customers on a national level he had to increase the company's presence beyond its physical retail outlet just outside Seattle, Washington. Acting on this idea, Jeff spun-off a new business – Trophies2Go that would operate as the Internet arm of the Issaquah store. In another award-winning move, Jeff retained six additional sport-specific Web site domains, including and

"By adding new and unique sales channels we were able to target products to customers in different markets more accurately," said Anderson. "The challenge was to find a technology system nimble enough to manage our multi-channel sales initiative."

The first solution deployed by Trophies2Go missed the mark. While the system did prove capable of automating the company's sales activities, making changes to the online retail sites and updating the way orders were handled was more difficult than it should have been.

"Even the most minor modifications took too long and were expensive," noted Anderson. "Plus, the software provider was having financial troubles. Certainly if they weren't going to be around very long I couldn't foresee trusting them with our business. I was determined to find a system that was easier to use, and offered by a company that was more stable and quicker on its feet."

Soon thereafter, Jeff selected an end-to-end retail management software package from CORESense. Designed specifically to handle aggressive, multi-channel retail strategies, CORESense automates every aspect of the sales process to help retailers increase revenues and reduce operating costs. What's more, CORESense leverages open source technologies, which contribute to the system's high performance, low total cost of ownership and rapid return on investment.

"CORESense was chosen because it offered a nimble solution that would provide us the flexibility and depth we needed," commented Anderson. "Also it was clear from talking to their CEO this was a company with the vision and fortitude to grow along with us."

Trophies2Go implemented CORESense's retail technology solution to manage a wide range of business data and processes, including its product database and customer list, inventory control and fulfillment, credit card transactions and shipping, and customer service. Taking matters a step further, Jeff added a point-of-sale system at the Issaquah store, which is linked by CORESense to the same back-end systems that retain and manage data for Trophies2Go. As a result, orders from all outlets are handled efficiently, and the companies can account for product inventory and customer requests from a central location.

"Actually, the best part of the CORESense system is the way it handles data," claimed Anderson. "While sales data from both stores is collected in a single database, it is flagged in such a way that we know from which outlet – the physical store or a Web site – the purchase was recorded. This is critical to the way we manage our books and record revenue."

Since deploying CORESense's retail technology more than 18 months ago, Trophies2Go has seen revenue grow year-over-year by 125 percent. And, the company hasn't had to add new people or office space to accommodate this growth. Today, Trophies2Go is one of the top trophy retailers in the Northwest United States.

"CORESense has helped us refine what once was a somewhat chaotic process," stated Anderson. "It's brought stability and calm to the entire business and improved the manner in which we take and process orders. CORESense helps us manage complex business activities simply."