Introduction Located in New York City, Vino Italian Wine & Spirits is devoted exclusively to the wines of Italy. It has been called one of America's best wine shops by Food and Wine Magazine and regularly appears in the top-5 retailers of wine and liquors in Zagat's.

Featuring wines from every region of Italy, Vino celebrates the diversity of Italian wine and offers selections for every palate and price range. For each vintage, Vino's offerings are hand-selected by its owner Nicola Marzovilla. His interest in the native grape varieties of Italy and support for the country's growing movement of "natural winemaking" have shaped the store's selection from the outset.

Since its founding in 2000, Nicola's desire to showcase the wondrous mosaic of Italian grape varieties and winemaking styles has remained the guiding principle of the store's collection. Many of the labels are sold exclusively in this country by Vino.

In addition to its extensive selection of Italian wine and spirits, Vino also offers wine classes and weekly in-store tastings.
CORESense provides Vino with an all-in-one, on-demand system that includes:
eCommerce Web Store
Point of Sales (POS)
Service Order Interface
Customer Relationship Management (CRM/td>
Inventory Management
Order Management
Supplier Management
Situation The Vino Italian Wine & Spirits store was established to complement the I Trulli Enoteca e Ristorante, one of New York City's landmarks of fine Italian dining, which is located across the street from the store.

Due to its limited retail space and traffic exposure, Vino owners knew that they needed to expand their wine sales to new, non brick-and-mortar sales channels, leveraging the growing popularity of ecommerce to sell through a virtual web store.
Challenge Vino needed to find a retail management solution that could accommodate web store sales and call-in orders, as well as in-store purchases through its point of sale—with integrated back-office capabilities for order fulfillment, vendor and inventory management.SolutionIn 2006, After evaluating several off-the-shelf Windows-based on-premise software packages that didn't meet their requirements, Vino received a recommendation to consider CORESense from Murray Moss, founder of New York's iconic Moss fashion and industrial design retail stores, which utilize the CORESense retail management system. Vino evaluated CORESense and determined that it would meet its needs for a fully integrated, all-in-one system for managing its store point of sale (POS), ecommerce, and back office operations, including order management, CRM, inventory and vendor management. eCommerce
CORESense powers Vino's web store (, providing a simple, elegant, and efficient way for Vino to engage customers online and help them to quickly locate just the right wine to meet their tastes based on key product attributes such as producer, grape, region, wine type and vintage, with quick and easy checkout. "When someone comes into the web store, the professional image it presents immediately puts customers at ease, they are comfortable with the environment," comments Jim Hutchinson, Vino Italian Wine & Spirits Operations Manager.Point of Sale
The CORESense system powers the point of sale (POS) transactions inside Vino's brick-and-mortar store, providing fast check-outs with easy touch screen user-interface and fast always-on Internet connectivity for processing credit cards. The CORESense system also provides real-time connection to the back-office so management can always obtain a timely view of its business across POS and ecommerce channels. Phone Orders
To process phone orders, Vino uses the CORESense Service Order Interface (SOI), which has been optimized to provide customer service representatives with the most efficient way to process orders, and access to product information to assist customers, recommend up-sells, cross-sells, or add-on sales. The SOI is also connected with the CORESense back-office in real-time to provide a complete 360 degree view of customer order history across channels. Back Office
Vino manages its inventory, order fulfillment and suppliers through the CORESense back office. Because the system is web-based, it provides management with a centralized real-time view of its customers, products and business. "The CORESense system helped us to better organize our product mix and see what we're selling" notes Hutchinson.

Since its implementation of the CORESense system, Vino's plan to expand its sales "virtually" through phone and web store sales has met with great success as the new channels' combined sales surpass those of the brick-and-mortar location.
Satisfying Customers by Providing a Seamless Cross-Channel Shopping Experience
Wine shoppers are becoming increasingly comfortable with, even preferring, the flexibility of being able to make their purchases through a variety of channels, whether in-store, online or over the phone. Today's sophisticated consumers are gravitating to the convenience of cross-channel shopping. The CORESense retail management system provides Vino with a way to efficiently meet these customers' needs and easily expand sales in lucrative new channels using just their existing in-house staff. "Having the POS and web combined allows us to be more efficient," stated Hutchinson "we can do a lot of work with just a couple of employees."