Vitamin Life - Case Study  
Executive Summary
Dean could see the problem clear as day. "Approximately 50 percent of our business comes from the sale of products over the Internet. Unfortunately the technology system we had in place to support these activities was ill-equipped to handle the responsibility."

As general manager of VitaminLife, a multi-million dollar retailer of vitamins and supplements, Dean south knows a thing or two about health solutions. So when the time came to overhaul the company's technology infrastructure, Dean sought a remedy that would support VitaminLife growth over the long haul.

"Our goal was to deploy a system that would manage the entire retail lifecycle, from end-to-end," said South.

Dean knew if she could implement a retail business management solution to automate the whole process, the entire VitaminLife operation would run more smoothly.

"Our first attempt was a bust," noted South. "The technology vendor we chose went bankrupt. Then we thought we could solve the problem by deploying disparate technology solutions that, when tied together, would perform the complete retail management function. Eventually we determined this route was too expensive and would require significant system customization… and even then we doubted whether it would work right."

That's when Dean found CORESense, whose end-to-end retail business management solution integrates inventory and customer relationship management with product-payment and shipping, right out-of-the-box. What's more, the system is designed specifically to manage orders originating from multiple channels in a common and efficient manner.

Here's how it works: A customer buys a product from the VitaminLife Web site, or else through one of its channel partners, such as Yahoo! and Amazon. Once received, the order triggers the inventory system to determine if the product requested is in stock. If it is, the customer gets an email confirming their order. At the same time, the inventory module makes a note to replace the item that has been ordered. As a result VitaminLife does not have to maintain excess inventory, which helps to reduce costs.

Once the items ordered have been gathered by VitaminLife, they are sent to the shipping department, where a mailing label with a tracking number is generated. The tracking number is then transmitted to the CORESense system, from which it is sent via email, along with notification of product shipment, to the customer.

"The ability to centralize these activities in a single application is critical," commented Dean. "Because the various processes are linked, fewer mistakes occur. Also, by treating orders that originate from multiple locations in the same way, we can, over time, scale our business to include the sale of products from new outlets more easily. Eventually our goal is to integrate the entire system with sales from our physical retail store in Redmond, Washington."

Once fully deployed, CORESense is expected to drive increased sales of VitaminLife products. "We process several hundred orders each day. With CORESense we anticipate being able to do 50 percent more business with the same size staff," mentioned Dean.

And because the CORESense retail business management solution is easier to use than the previous system, more VitaminLife employees - many of which do not have a technology background – will be able to access and utilize the solution.

For Dean, of equal importance has been the high level of support provided by the people at CORESense. "Whenever you do a project this big, there are bound to be complications," remarked Dean. "The difference in this project has been the CORESense support team. Truthfully, they are not satisfied unless you are."