Customer Quotes

"I was impressed at how CORESense was everything we needed in one solution. It wasn't necessary to piece together our business with software X doing this function, and software Y doing this other function."
Tadd Crayton, General Manager
Home Office Solutions Group
"We have lower error rates, better online experiences for our customers and more knowledgeable sales people because of CORESense.  This creates happier customers who return more often.  We see CORESense as a partner.  Overall it has been a great relationship for us."
Rich Burke, President
Huron Scuba
"We needed a solution that would streamline sales across channels and automate product and order management from end-to-end, and CORESense was the best fit."
Rachael Kasper, President
Miami Golf
"I didn't want to work with just another software company anymore.  I wanted a partner, and CORESense is exactly that.  We now feel confident that data is updated in real-time across channels, and because it is a hosted solution, I no longer worry about the technology—it just runs."
Paul Jaure, President
Genius Jones
"Before CORESense we had a single store and inventory was kept in the back room." Today we have a web site, two retail stores, two warehouses and a telephone sales business.  Managing those channels and all the associated moving parts simply would not have been possible without CORESense.  Now, as we consider opening new stores and expanding into other sales channels we have confidence knowing that managing this process is as easy as plugging-in to CORESense."
Daniel Kron, President
Ivy Sport
"The combination of robust automated order fulfillment in CORESense and the ability to manage drop-ship POs without any staff involvement is a huge benefit to us.  With CORESense, I feel confident that I can focus on growing the company as aggressively as possible.  Without question, the value that CORESense provides easily covers the cost of the system—and then some."
Eric Barnes, President
Ike Sound
"Since deploying with CORESense, we have saved nearly $90 thousand in employee resources, while simultaneously increasing sales by more than 15 percent.  In general, customer orders are processed more efficiently, customer satisfaction has been substantially improved, and we can compete more effectively in the marketplace." The CORESense focus on multi-channel sales efficiency has reduced our overall cost-to-sell and positioned us for tremendous growth going forward."
Ike Arvilli, President and Founder
Unity Electronics
"As we continued to diversify into new markets and sales channels we experienced inefficiencies with the numerous partner interfaces. We looked to CORESense to implement a system that would communicate with the many different interfaces. The new system needed to be seamless, real time, and always available. As a result of implementing the CORESense system we have reduced our major operating inefficiencies and increased order output by over 50%. The CORESense system has allowed us to spend less time on logistics and more time on growing the business Quote Here."
Russ Hedgpeth, President
"CORESense has helped us refine what once was a somewhat chaotic process.   It's brought stability and calm to the entire business and improved the manner in which we take and process orders.  CORESense helps us manage complex business activities simply."
Jeff Anderson, President
"The ability to centralize these activities in a single application is critical.  Because the various processes are linked, fewer mistakes occur.  Also, by treating orders that originate from multiple locations in the same way, we can, over time, scale our business to include the sale of products from new outlets more easily."
Terri Marello, General Manager