Ecommerce and Order Management Solution for Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Integrate B2C & B2B Ecommerce, Online Order Management and ERP

CORESense is the first and only enterprise-grade solution that enables manufacturers and wholesalers to connect directly with business and consumer customers by integrating one or more ecommerce websites, CRM and online order management with their existing ERP, warehouse and fulfillment centers. CORESense can also provide an integrated backend solution for companies just starting out or looking to replace an outdated ERP system.

With CORESense companies get a turnkey solution plus the ecommerce expertise needed to build and launch search and user-friendly websites capable of meeting their aggressive online growth objectives. A company can even manage online operation for separate brands and markets each website with its own look and feel, products and pricing and branded customer communications.

CORESense’s open architecture and support for a variety of integration techniques - from simple flat file transfer to real time web-services - allows it to easily and cost effectively connect to just about any ERP solution no matter how old. Tight integration of website and your ERP system eliminates or avoids time consuming and error prone manual processes. Both your customers and your fulfillment center receive up-to-date and accurate information inventory minimizing out-of-stock and overages and maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Everything you need to drive consumer and business sales online!

CORESense’s best practices expertise and on-demand enterprise platform let’s you sell direct to consumers with minimal hassle and maximum profitability:

  • End-to-end functionality in one integrated, tested and proven system.
  • Enterprise-class scalability that allows you to grow with confidence.
  • Flexibility to deliver your unique brand experience online.
  • Best practices eCommerce retailing experience and expertise.
  • On-demand delivery freeing you from hardware, software and IT headaches.

Learn why we are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of leading retail brands and manufacturers looking to drive sales and increase margin online.

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Why choose the CORESense Ecommerce Ecommerce and Order Management Solution?

An Ecommerce Website That Differentiates Your Brand

The CORESense Web2.0 Ecommerce Platform supports the best practices website design, SEO and usability practices and gives you complete control over your website. Companies, working with CORESense’s experienced implementation team, create ecommerce websites that optimize site traffic and conversion rates to grow their online revenue. 

B2B Ecommerce Sites That Reduce Transaction Costs

Allowing your business customers to buy and order online helps to reduce transaction costs while freeing up your team to generate new business. CORESense can streamline online ordering using the latest e-commerce and e-service technologies including credit accounts and invoicing; customer based product offerings, pricing and promotions;, real-time stock availability; self-service portals; bulk order upload and tight integration with ERP systems.

Multiple Ways to Acquire New Customers

Selling through multiple channels not only attracts new shoppers, it creates loyalty, and in turn more sales from your existing customers. With CORESense you will be more visible where today’s shoppers search, browse, compare and buy.

Order Management Process that Saves Time and Reduces Errors

Orders from all sales channels are automatically captured and centrally staged eliminating manual and error-prone transfers of data, facilitating automation and minimizing staffing needs.

Orders can be fulfilled automatically or manually through a variety of methods including drop-ship, just-in-time and in-stock inventory and locations including retail stores, warehouses, suppliers and 3rd party logistic providers (3PL).

Call Center Interface for Quick and Informed Customer Service

Customer representatives can quickly access and view a complete record of all customer orders, review past communications, track the status of any order and capture and record a complete record of current calls for future reference.

CRM Tools to Build a Loyal Following

A loyal customer base is critical to retail success. CORESense includes customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing capabilities to deliver personalized information and service to your customers at every point of touch.

The Support to Grow with Confidence

CORESense offers the reliability, security and demanded by manufacturers and wholesalers. Your application is hosted at a world class data center delivering performance, reliability and scalability. Our professional services group, not a third-party reseller, ensures your implementation goes smoothly, your staff is trained, and your system is available 24/7, 365 days a year.