Fashion & Accessories

It's a competitive market, and reacting quickly to market demand is critical to bringing in customers. From getting new product in and immediately making it available on each channel, to showing off the product in the most appealing way possible, retailers in the fashion and accessories field know their discriminating shoppers want to be served conveniently, consistently and efficiently, 24/7/365.

  • Manage all inventory through a single product catalog that is intuitively designed for adding and managing matrixed products.
  • Quickly create targeted promotions and email campaigns to drive customers to the newest trend.
  • Minimize inventory on-hand with drop-ship and integration to suppliers.

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Why choose CORESense?

Streamline operations Integrating all management processes and data into one system streamlines operations, eliminates manual and redundant processes and allows automation of error prone processes. Save time and money that can be better spent on serving your customers and growing your business.
Improve inventory management Having a real time, centralized view of sales and inventory across all channels improves inventory management and turnover. Reduce out-of-stocks, order cancellations and late shipments and make timely in-season price adjustments.
Grow online sales with confidence Centralized processing of online orders and auto¬mated order processing, customer notification and fulfillment, eliminates multi-channel operational bottlenecks. Confidently grow online sales without jeopardizing customer service or negatively impacting your hard-earned reputation.
Deliver great customer service Being able to capture and access customer data, including purchase history and personal data, and launch e-mails from any sales channel or back office process makes it easy to stay connected with customers. Deliver the highly personalized and responsive service that keeps customers coming back.