About Us

CORESense is a leading provider of all-in-one ecommerce and retail management software solutions for online, multichannel and brick and mortar retailers, brand manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Successful retailers across multiple specialty retail markets including footwear and accessories, sporting goods, fashion and apparel, books, electronics and others are leveraging CORESense’s products to streamline operations, connect with customers and grow sales across ecommerce and retail store channels.
CORESense is part of the Friedman Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. (“Constellation”, TSX: CSU). CORESense has offices nationally and is headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs, N.Y For additional information about CORESense, visit www.coresense.com, call (866) 229-2804 or email info@coresense.com.