Retail Management Software Overview

Everything you need to run your retail and ecommerce operations in one system!

CORESense Retail Software eCommerce Point of Sale Partners CRM & Marketing Point of Sale Merchandising

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  • All-In-One Retail Management Software, a web-based solution that brings together point of sale, ecommerce, merchandising, Order Management & Fulfillment, and CRM & Marketing into a single, centrally managed solution.
  • End-to-End Functionality, a deeply integrated, tested and proven system that saves time, money and delights customers.
  • Enterprise-class platform, a scalable and open solution that allows you to grow with confidence.
  • Web-based delivery, a deployment model that frees you from hardware, software and IT headaches.
  • Retail Ecosystem, a partner program that provides you with timely, cost effective and pre-integrated access to best-in-class retail technology solutions like rich media, customer reviews and live help.
  • Dedicated Support, responsive and insightful implementation, account services and support teams dedicated to helping you become a more competitive and successful retailer.