CORESense Knowledge Center

Selecting the right retail system for your business is an important decision. To help you understand all the options, CORESense has developed the following collateral. Click on the desired document to download

COREsense Brochures

CORESense Retail Management Software Brochure- Describes our web-based retail management software.
CORESense Ecommerce Enterprise Solution Brochure - Describes our ecommerce enterprise Solution
CORESense Connect Mobile POS Solution Brochure - Describes our mobile POS solution.
CORESense Footwear Solution Brochure - Describes our solution for footwear merchants.
CORESense Wine & Spirits Solution Brochure - Describes our solution for Wine & Spirits merchants.
CORESense Winery Solution Brochure - Describes our direct to market retailing solution for Wineries.
CORESense Automotive Aftermarket Solution Brochure - Describes our solution for Automotive Aftermarket dealers.
CORESense eConnector for Magento - The CORESense eConnector for Magento is a real-time solution that integrates Magento ecommerce websites to the CORESense’s retail and order management software solutions.

CORESense White Papers

Aberdeen Customer Centric POS Report -"Migrating to Customer Centric Point of Service", Aberdeen Group
Small Retailers Can Win Big with a Multi-channel Strategy - Small and Mid-sized Retailers are Increasing Sales and Improving Efficiencies using Multi-channel on Demand Software
The Time is Ripe - for Wine & Spirits Retailers