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CORESense Monthly Product Demonstration - December 2014

This 45 minute sessionwe provide you with a brief introduction to CORESense and our solution and what sets us apart from the competition.  The majority of the timeis spent reviewing the digital and retail Commerce capabilities in in CORESense, our centralized order management and fulfillment engine and our CRM capabilities.

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Driving Sales and Customer Loyalty with Visual Product Customization

Visual product customization has become an increasingly important strategy for online retailers. Retailers leveraging visual product customization on their eCommerce websites experience significant increases in every measure of customer engagement including site traffic, page views, and time on site as well as conversion rates and average order size. CORSense and Doogma collaborated recently to develop and deliver a new ecommerce website,, to C&N Manufacturing that leverages the Doogma Designer, the first affordable Software-as-a-Service based-solution for selling customized and personalized items online.

In this webinar Dan Ostroff, founder and CEO of Doogma will demonstrate how clients can incorporate Doogma into their CORESense website to provide their customers with a fun, interactive buying experience that will drive sales and customer loyalty. Mark Sieglaff, Head of Ecommerce for will demonstrate how they are using visual product customization on their flagship site and how it has positively benefited C&N and their customers including:

  • Creates a fun and interactive customer experience
  • Allows our customer, kids, to express themselves and create products that are truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Increased time on site and site stickiness
  • Increased conversion rate by assisting the sale of our core product, trunks.
  • Increased profit margins as the products sold via Doogma’s technology all have extremely high margins.
  • Streamlined production process providing high resolution print-ready files that replicate the designs created online by EverythingSummerCamp customers

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How E-commerce Sites Can Succeed with SEO in 2013

This presentation will help e-commerce managers to optimize their websites to achieve top rankings on the search engines. Designed for both marketing and technical staff, the presentation will walk through important topics including:

  • Why SEO is important for your e-commerce site
  • How SEO has changed since the Google Penguin and Panda updates in 2012
  • What should be optimized on the home, category and product pages of your site
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Examples of well optimized CORESense customer sites
  • Lots of time for Q&A

About the Presenter:

Matt silvers has been in the e-commerce field for 17 years. He was Chief Marketing officer for Cutting Edge Strategies, IBM's premiere technology development partner in Silicon Valley. After his 6 years in California he moved to Miami, FL where he launched his own interactive marketing agency. His team's core skill sets are SEO, e-commerce conversion analysis & testing, website design & internet marketing campaigns. He is currently working with 4 CORESense customers.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Going Global with CORESense

Build your business quickly and easily with International Shipping.

Find out why international markets matter to your business - even if you are a small retailer - and how you can reach those markets with a minimum of effort and cost, with quick setup from CORESense.

This webinar is sponsored by GlobalShopex, an industry partner of CORESense and premier solutions provider of international shipping solutions to US online merchants.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

June 2012

CORESense Online Product Demonstration

CORESense is an all-in-one business management solution that wraps point of sale, multi-channel ecommerce, catalog/call center, merchandising, order management, and customer relationship management software around a centralized product, customer and inventory database providing you with a real-time view of your customers and your business. CORESense combines front end selling through B2C and B2B ecommerce storefronts, eBay Amazon and other online marketplaces, catalog call centers and brick and mortar retail stores with end-to-end back end business management functionality. In this 90 minute session we will demonstrate the seamlessly integrated capabilities of the cloud-based CORESense platform including:

  • Ecommerce storefront development and management
  • Order Management and Fulfillment
  • Product Management (pricing, promotion and placement)
  • CRM and Email Marketing
  • Point of Sale solution
  • Purchasing & Inventory Management

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April 2012

Optimizing Multi-Channel Retail

More than 80% of U.S. retailers now report that they MUST sell merchandise through multiple channels. To maximize financial performance, Retailers need to:

Discover, develop, and exploit synergies among multiple channels.

Evaluate the effectiveness of a multichannel retailing program in order to drive better results earlier. Manage multiple customer "touch-points" (stores, call centers, websites, social media, mobile devices, etc.)

Orchestrate customer relationship across touch points, payment through different channels, and purchasing, fulfilling or returning a product across all channels.

In this webinar we present a solution to legacy technology challenges, operational hurdles, complicated analytics, and operational gaps. To deliver agile commerce and create competitive advantage through: reduced customer acquisition costs, lower service costs, faster time to market and higher customer and employee satisfaction.

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PPC for Ecommerce & Retail... Cutting the Waste with Fresh Strategies featuring ROI Revolution Do you oversee the online advertising for your company?

If so, join us for a high level discussion with a couple seasoned retailers on the results their fresh paid search strategies.

Google introduced many new AdWords features in the past 12 months. Jimmy Austin of Carolina Biological Supply will discuss how one feature in particular has increased his revenue while keeping ad spend the same.

Victor Yacaman, from, will discuss how he’s experienced amazing growth over a 6 month period by restructuring his PPC account.

You'll also hear how more strategies like seasonal bidding tactics and language targeting are making a difference for online retailers' bottom lines.
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February 2009

Direct to Consumer Symposium 2009
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
The Meritage Resort & Spa
Napa, CA

July 2008

Webinar: Secrets of SaaS Success - How Software as a Service Can Work for You
This CORESense sponsored webinar hosted by eMarketing & Commerce Magazine, will provide an informative overview on what Software as a Service is, and how it can be leveraged by small to mid sized retailers to provide their customers with a seamless, cross-channel shopping experience. The presentation will include a live real-world SaaS case study as well.

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