Web-based Platform

CORESense Retail Management Software provides small and medium retailers with a single solution that contains the same features and flexibility found in the systems used by big box retailers but at a fraction of the price. With this capability, up and coming retailers can compete and win in today's marketplace by an advantage over their competition.

Tier 1 Big Box Retailer software capabilities compared to Small to Mid Sized SaaS Retailer

No other retail management solution approaches the functionality, depth and ability to adapt to your unique business and brand objectives for the price than CORESense. The reason we can offer you this type of capability is our On-Demand delivery model which provides:
Cost effective access to big box retail technology With traditional on-premise, licensed software, you have to wait and pay for each release to get new features. Often times you need to upgrade operating systems or hardware or software, or hardware obsolescence forces you to your upgrade software. With CORESense, you benefit from new CORESense features and integration with 3rd party applications or services on an ongoing basis and never have to worry about installing upgrades again. The confidence to grow your business CORESense offers you a level of reliability, security and support that is well beyond the reach of most small to medium-sized retailers. Your application is hosted by world class providers of network-neutral data centers and interconnection services. These data centers have 99.9999% availability delivering unparalleled performance, reliability and scalability.

CORESense's professional services group, not a third-party reseller, takes full ownership for ensuring your implementation goes smoothly, your staff is completely trained and your system is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Finally, customer and business data is safeguarded using the latest software, system and physical level security techniques and equipment ensuring adherence to all industry standards, such as PCI (payment card industry) compliance requirements.
The ability to expand and integrate with ease With CORESense, new stores, ecommerce sites, merchandise, staff, customers and increases in sales can easily be accommodated without any degradation in performance or reliability and without ever buying new software or servers. It also supports integration with financial or other applications, and customization of the solution to meet unique business requirements. Pre-integrated access to best-in-class retail solutions Most small to medium sized retailers lack the time, money or expertise to evaluate and integrate the wide array of solutions available in the market place. Through the COREPartner Ecosystem small to medium-sized retailers can leverage the collective knowledge of our entire customer base and in-house retail experts to access and deploy these solutions. In addition, because each solution is fully tested and integrated by CORESense on our hosted platform, there is no upfront cost to you. A great return on your investment CORESense's all-in-one application design and transaction-based pricing minimizes your on-going maintenance expenses and upfront investment. Because it's web-based there's no server to maintain or software to upgrade. You IT staff can focus on managing and not maintaining systems. Open source platform
CORESense is built on leading Open Source technologies to ensure retail businesses can gain the greatest reliability, security and flexibility in their retail management systems. Technologies used include:
  • Robust Linux operating system.
  • High availability Apache servers.
  • Affordable yet reliable MySQL database.
  • Powerful PHP programming language.
  • Fast, memory efficient and popular XML-based API for web-based communication with 3rd party applications and services.