Multi-Channel Ecommerce and Retail Solution for Automotive Aftermarket Dealers

The Market Leader in Automotive Aftermarket Retailing

CORESense’s market leading Automotive Aftermarket solution is purpose built to meet the unique needs of automotive aftermarket retailers. Our multi-channel, feature rich and fully integrated ecommerce and retail solution has been successfully increasing sales and profits for automotive aftermarket customers since 2001. Our automotive aftermarket customers can easily sell aftermarket parts and accessories online through one or more uniquely branded websites, on eBay and Amazon, over the phone or out of their shop, all with one fully integrated and web-based solution.

Delivered in a web-based solution that costs less, delivers more and manages itself

As a web-based solution, CORESense minimizes your IT costs and support headaches. Your application is hosted and maintained by CORESense at a secure data center. As a result, you get to focus more of your time and money on delighting your customers and growing your business.

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CORESense benefits for Automotive Aftermarket Retailers

Search and Customer Friendly eCommerce Websites That Incease Sales

CORESense provides Automotive Aftermarket retailers with the most comprehensive, robust and feature-rich eCommerce solution in its class. Working with your designers we help you create compelling, search friendly and manageable eCommerce websites that differentiate your brands, attract shoppers, maximize conversions and increase average order size. With CORESense you get a custom web site with high-performance "no refresh" pages, product "super search", built-in cross-sell/up-sell capability, and fast single-page checkout.

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Year/Make/Model Support Across All Selling Channels and in the Back Office

Only CORESense provides support for year/make/model filtering on your Ecommerce Web site, Phone Sales, Ebay and Amazon selling channels making it easy to list and sell aftermarket auto parts across multiple sales channels. In addition, with CORESense you can easily view inventory, sales, products and more using by Make/Model and Year.

Minimize your inventory investment

Real-time synchronization of sales and inventory across multiple stores and channels combined with automated stock replenishment, provides the right inventory level to your stores and other channels while minimizing your purchasing effort and cost of goods sold and increasing inventory turns.

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Drive Sales with Engaging Content and Attractive Promotions

Through an intuitive web-based product catalog software interface, automotive aftermarket retailers can maintain product data with standard — and unlimited customizable — attributes that include: make, model, year, part type, engine type,etc plus, image(s) and multi-media upload, vendor/manufacturer specifications, up-sell/cross-sell options, configurable products and kits, personalization, and much more. And you can easily deliver all of this content across any sales channel greatly increasing brand and product visibility and most importantly sales.

Powerful Pricing and Promotion Features

Offering promotional pricing is a powerful incentive to customers to shop more often with you. Being able to quickly update pricing and promotions to react to competition and customer demand is only a piece of the puzzle – being able to reflect those changes in real-time, across any sales channel you may have provides the competitive advantage you want, and eliminates pricing confusion among staff and customers.

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Grow online sales with confidence

Centralized processing of online orders and automated order processing, customer notification and fulfillment, eliminates multi-channel operational bottlenecks. Confidently grow online sales without jeopardizing customer service or negatively impacting your hard-earned reputation.

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Deliver great customer service

Being able to capture and access customer data, including purchase history and personal data, and launch e-mails from any sales channel or back office process makes it easy to stay connected with customers. Deliver the highly personalized and responsive service that keeps customers coming back.

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